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‘Tis the season of goodwill, and if you would like to become a sustainable shopper this winter, one of the best ways to do so is by switching to Fairtrade and Organic Cotton Carrier bags.

More stylish than ever before, Fairtrade and Organic cotton carrier bags, or ‘Bags for Life’ as they are commonly known, are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and with big named fashion brands such as Accessorize and Topshop offering them to their fashion-conscious consumers, it seems the cotton carrier bag has established its place on the high street.

Supporting local economies in the poorest cotton producing countries in the world, the Fairtrade Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation, facilitates trading partnerships based on equity and transparency, so that disadvantaged producers can maintain a dignified livelihood and develop their businesses.

Fairtrade cotton still accounts for a tiny percentage of the cotton sold in the UK today, but with the Fairtrade Foundation licensing more products, such as shopping bags, fashion bags, messenger bags and drawstring bags, high street retailers and supermarket chains are replacing their throwaway equivalents with these sustainable, reusable and iconic alternatives.

Organic Agriculture does not permit the use of toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and so it improves soil fertility, protects water suppliers, conserves energy, and defends the overall health of those working on cotton farms, namely women and children.

The organic cotton carrier bags available to us today are free from harsh chemical bleaches and dyes, they are allergy free, and as they are both biodegradable and compostable, they do not contribute to the world’s waste problem once they reach the end of their lifecycle.

Designed to be reused over and again, Fairtrade and Organic carrier bags will last several months, if not years, with the right care, and by supporting Fairtrade and Organic Agriculture, we can all work towards a sustainable world.

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.