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Agricultural Waste Paper

Agricultural waste, or agricultural residue, contains all parts of the plant that are released with the processing of agricultural crops like rice, grain, and sugarcane and are not suitable for human nutrition, like stems and leaves. This consists of about 80% of the harvest. The food industry only uses a small part of the agricultural crop. Often, only the seeds, fruits, roots and juices are used, which is about 20% of the plant. Because the vast majority of the plant is not of value to the food industry, the other 80% is called agricultural waste or agricultural residue.

From July 2019 we are able to offer a 150gsm corn based paper on the paper twist handle styles and some of the rope handle styles. It has a natural look, slightly lighter than the brown kraft paper, almost a cream fleck finish. Please ask for this paper at the enquiry stage. You can include the agricultural waste text in your design or we can put this information or logo on the base of the bag for you, on request. Please ask your sales contact to send you the details.


Agricultural Waste Paper Printed Carrier Bags