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FSC Certified Paper

FSC certified paper is typically composed of virgin tree fibres but it can be just as eco-friendly as recycled paper. ‘FSC’ stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit organisation that works to promote the practice of sustainable forestry worldwide.

It is important to note that all the European factories we use buy from Europe and use sustainable sources. For smaller factories the process of going through certification can be expensive but it does not mean they are any less eco friendly. The only Chinese partner we use is FSC certified. We do deem this as crucial as for some factories in China and other parts of Asia, we have no idea where the paper comes from and are concerned they will likely be using non sustainable wood pulp; which is reflected in the pricing.

We can supply FSC paper on most styles but please specify if you would like this, at the time of enquiry, it will usually cost a little extra to non FSC. If you use FSC paper, this will enable you to include the corresponding FSC logo and text in your design or we can put this information on the base of the bag for you, on request. Please ask your sales contact to send you the details and relevant logo.


FSC Certified Paper Printed Carrier Bags