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Environmental Guide and Commitment

Templecoombe Ltd understands that in addition to our customers relying on us to advise them regarding the environmental impacts of the finished products, we also have a responsibility to reduce and minimise the environmental impact of our own operations and crucially the operations, of the full supply chain from the raw materials to the manufacturing process and the distribution throughout.

As with the examination of the pros and cons of wind power vs solar vs nuclear energy where even governments find it difficult to clearly define best practice and policy, the simple bag, its raw material and the whole process of manufacture and supply, in terms of its environmental impact is complex when examined. We have found it extremely difficult to obtain objective academic Lifecycle Analysis and Energy Audits for the different materials, and we have yet to find a material that has a clear-cut case in preference to others on the joint grounds of CO2 emissions and biodiversity conservation.

Templecoombe Ltd believes strongly in offering transparency to its customers whilst doing what we can to constantly monitor and look for new ways to improve. Here we if have various scientifically approved studies from multiple countries (all in English) and we leave you as the customer to make your own decisions and choices. Also a thought provoking TED talk from 2013 by Leyla Acaroglu.


TED talk of Australian product designer Leyla Acaroglu:

Whatever type of bag is used, the key to reducing the impact is to reuse it as many times as possible either for shopping or as a bin liner. This is arguably the single most important message to give to our customers, as well as considering the whole life cycle (resources, manufacture, distribution, usage, disposal) which the studies hopefully help with.

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