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Question: How much will I pay for the origination?

Answer: Every job is different and there are so many variables that we are unable to give a guide price, once we have been given all of the details for your order we will then be able to give you an accurate origination cost.

Question: What are your minimum order Qty’s?

Answer: This will depend on the exact specifications of your order but as a rough guide:
> Plastic Bags – 1,000
> Paper Bags – 1000 – 3000
> Bags for Life – 250
(The minimum order qty’s above are only guides and the actual minimum order qty may be higher.)

Question: What are your delivery lead times?

Answer: This will depend on the product you are ordering and be anything from just 3 days to 12 weeks. Contact one of our sales advisor on 01234 712121 for a bespoke quote.

Question: Why is there a plus or minus 10% tolerance on all orders?

Answer: This is due to potential wastage during the production process. There are 3 stages of production in which the potential wastage can increase or decrease giving you more or less bags than your original order to a tolerance of 10%.

Question: Why do I have to pay a Pro-Forma Invoice for 50% of my total order?

Answer: This is company policy for all new customers and the reason for this is that carrier bags are a very bespoke product which will most likely have your company logo printed on them, so if for any reason you are unable to pay for your order we have no way of regaining our investment through re-sale of your bags to a third party.