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Tissue Paper

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Custom bespoke printed tissue paper gives a beautiful and luxurious finish to the presentation of your product or promotion. Minimum quantities start at 10 reams (between 480 and 500 sheets per ream depending on tissue weight)

Available in up to four colours on white acid free tissue paper. For coloured tissue paper only gold and silver inks are recommended however you can go for 100% ink coverage if a specific pantone is required. The extensive colour range available has over sixty colours to choose from to print with gold or silver, for your logo, so invariably you can find a perfect compliment to your branding.


The standard size is supplied as a sheet 750 x 500mm

We can supply MF, machine finished or MG machine glazed. Machine finished paper has a crisper texture and is uncoated giving a more ‘matt’ effect. Machine glazed tends to have a softer feel and has a smooth sheen on the printed side.

Lead Times
> Approx 3-4 Weeks (UK Production)