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Leading Supplier of Printed Carrier Bags

Templecoombe Ltd is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of carrier bags within the retail, commercial and promotional trade. We have been successfully meeting the varied needs of our clients for over thirty years and today we’re proud to provide high quality printing services.

We work with every type of business and in every industry. We meet the needs of large multi-national companies just as well as we do the sole trader and all small, medium and large scale businesses wanting printed carrier bags for a promotion or exhibition.

  • Trusted as one of the UK’s most established and respected suppliers with your printing needs.
  • We know our industry and the intricacies behind recreating our clients’s designs on high quality bags made from superior materials and finishes.
  • Our team is highly trained with wide product knowledge and years of experience. At Templecoombe we give you a designated contact to help you and our ‘buddy’ system ensures you always have cover when bags or costings are needed urgently.
  • Rigorous quality checks of factories and finished products. We have our own accreditation and rating system with factories and products under ongoing review proceedures.
  • One of the widest product ranges for printed bags in the industry.
  • Bespoke work is our standard. Many customers have been unable to find a solution elsewhere yet we have been able to deliver an affordable and practical option.
  • Fast turnarounds if necessary with delivery monitored from despatch to delivery.
Need some help? Call us on 01234 675101 or Fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

Our range of products

Printed Plastic Bags

Home Printed Carrier Bags
Make the most of the mobile bill board that is the printed carrier bag. Plastic is truly versatile in size and style, is strong and durable and available in biodegradable forms. Given it is one of the most cost effective options available there is no wonder it is an extremely popular choice of bag.

Printed Paper Bags

Home Printed Carrier Bags
Increasingly in demand, printed paper bags offer huge scope for branding with various options on print type and finish. From a fast turnaround digitally printed bag to a luxury rope handled bag with embossing, lamination and UV print options we offer the complete range to suit all your requirements on turnaround, specification and budget.

Printed Mailing Bags

Home Printed Carrier Bags
With the explosion of online sales, our quality mailing bags give you the opportunity to reinforce your branding whilst ensuring your goods are delivered securely. Customise your mail bag with your choice of film, seal, size and design to give an impact and impression from the moment your product/mail out hits the consumers front door. Carry handles are increasingly popular too with many packages being delivered to offices giving the guarantee of someone to sign for.

Printed Bags for Life

Home Printed Carrier Bags
Designed to be kept and used on a long term basis, these printed bags are re-usable, durable and predominantly made from natural materials. There is a huge variety of choice in material, including cotton, jute, non woven PP, woven PP, canvas..all with different looks and finishes. Our experienced sales team will help you ensure you get the best possible option for your requirements.

Why Choose us?


Trusted in the industry for over 30 years.

A bespoke solution for each client.

Highly trained and experienced sales team.

Only accredited factories used.

Extensive Range.

Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery.

What Our Customers Say

Home Printed Carrier Bags
Home Printed Carrier BagsRuth Thompson
11:29 20 Jun 24
Excellent customer service and friendly, approachable staff as well as a quality finished product.
Home Printed Carrier BagsHarvey Dunn
12:22 21 May 24
Outstanding customer service and attention to detail.
Home Printed Carrier BagsRichard Merry
16:23 21 Jun 19
We recently purchased custom bags from Templecoombe and I'm so impressed with how easy it was to order and the quality of the bags and the printing when they arrived. Templecoombe will be our go to bag supplier from now on.
Home Printed Carrier BagsLyndon Bredenkamp
09:22 08 Feb 11
Great team of people working at Templecoombe.
Home Printed Carrier Bags


We understand it can seem complicated when ordering bespoke products for the first time. To help you through this process we’ve put together answers to questions we regularly get from customers when organising printed bags, printed boxes and printed tissue paper for the first time.

There is nothing as quick and helpful as picking up the phone and talking directly to someone with real knowledge, enthusiasm and experience, so always feel you can ring and get through straight away on 01234 675101. That’s what we’re here for.

Why use personalised bags & packaging?
Personalised packaging subtly transfers your information and branding at a most crucially time; at the end of the customer experience. You will already be buying bags, tissue paper or boxes and you will be genuinely suprised how cost effective it is to turn a necessary cost into an opportunity. You may have to order a higher quantity initially but the differnce to your business or your event, will be more than worth it.
How can printed bags and packaging help my business?
Printed bags, Tissue paper and Boxes are such a cost effective way to reflect and reinforce your branding. You can use the material, the text, the design, the style or a combination to best communicate your brand and your strengths. If you use plain non branded packaging the customer experience ends at the point of sale; this can be at a shop, an event or online. However, if you invest a little extra you extend that customer experience and bring it into the home and into the community. This subtly leaves your brand at the forefront of peoples minds and truly enhances and embedds their perception of your products.
How much are they and do you have a price list?
We don’t have a price list. A lot of customers ordering printed packaging for the first time need our help to establish which product will work best for their brand and budgets. Getting this right is critical. Often we will send samples to help you establish optimum style, size, finish and thickness. We then need an idea of your logo and usage. At this stage we will quote you. As with all personalised prints, the more you have the less per unit they will be.
How quick will they be?
This really varies. There are styles we can supply for events or as a stop gap for retail in days; others vary from 2-12 weeks however your quote will state clearly the expected delivery timescale.
Which are the most environmentally friendly plastic bags?
We do our best to advise you of the options (recyclable, recycled, biodegradable, sugar cane) rather than tell you a definitive answer to such a nuanced and complex question. What we can say is that in April 2022, the UK Government introduced a plastic packaging tax (which ties in with a similar EU directive) aimed at increasing levels of recycling and recycled content in plastic. Using plastic with part recycled content will undoubtedly be what becomes more cost effective and likely the most environmentally friendly option; given UK waste collection and ease of recyclability too.
How should I send artwork?
Ideally for the best results we need artwork in either a vectored or outlined PDF file, an Adobe Illustrator file, or an EPS file, with any pantone references for the colour(s) you want to use.
What if I don't have artwork or pantone colours?
We will help you. For a small additional charge we will get your artwork set up or redrawn in the format needed. You can choose an ink match from our pantone guide here. Please note that the substrate you are printing on will always affect the final colour shade and finish.
What do I need to do to place my order?
Our team has years of experience helping customers with their printed bags and packaging. They love what they do and always do their best to give great service. Here’s a full guide to the process but always feel you can ring for help at any stage on 01234 675101. You will get straight through to our team.

Step 1: Get in touch
You can call us on 01234 675101, email us on or fill in a contact form via the website We will work with you to establish which product will best fit your requirements. Sometimes we need to send you a sample to help establish this, which we happily do at no charge. Sometimes we need your artwork or at least an idea of what you would like printed. Our team will often make suggestions which you may not have considered.

Step 2: Quotation
Once we have established what will best work for you we quote. Usually this is sent the same day or next day. This will show you a range of quantities so you can assess the effect of volume on unit price for your chosen product. Price is expressed clearly per thousand or per unit and delivery is included to 1 UK mainland address. The quote also states the timescale to expect and plan for.

Step 3: Send your artwork
You may have already supplied this in step 1 but if not we would need this to check everything is ok and as quoted, before you go ahead. Occasionally certain logos have to be tweaked to print as effectively and clearly as possible.

Step 4: All systems Go
When you are ready to go ahead please do a final check of the details of the product and in particular at this stage also check the delivery address and timings. Please let us know any special instructions needed for delivery and if you have a deadline for an event or shop opening. Then all you need to do is sign the quotation or advise us by email. On your first order we will send you a pro forma invoice for 50% and on receipt of payment we will proof and book your job into production.

Step 5: Proofing
On your initial print run we always send a proof for you to carefully check and sign off. If you need any changes we do not charge and we will always reproof. It is really important that you check this carefully.

Step 6: Delivery
For larger deliveries and pallets, despatch will be in touch to advise you of the packing and timings. On receipt, if you love your printed bags,boxes or printed tissue paper and have been happy with our service we really appreciate you letting us know. We particularly enjoy it when our customers share pictures of the products in use. If you experience any problems we still appreciate hearing from you and will always do everything we can to help sort them.

Step 7: Final Invoice
Sent after delivery. On your first order you will receive a full V.A.T. invoice and statement deducting your pro forma payment showing the final balance owed. Payment details are listed clearly. Our payment terms are 21 days from the date of invoice. For repeat orders we can set up an account for you.

I paid 50% pro forma but my final statement is more than 50%, why?
With flexographic and litho printed personalised products we have an industry wide quantity tolerance of 10%. This is because during the manufacture and print, it is not possible to get all stages of extrusion, print and conversion exact. So if you order 1000 units, we have to deliver between 900-1100 units. You are invoiced for the final quantity delivered. Sometimes your balance may be less than 50%, sometimes more. We do put this clearly in red on your quotes and your order acknowledgement but sometimes customers miss it. If you need a minimum quantity for an event please do let us know. If your cotton bags are screen printed or your paper bags and boxes are digitally printed then the quantities will be exact. With these the manufacture and print is different and we start with an existing plain bag; it is much simpler.


Need some help? Call us on 01234 675101 or Fill in our contact form and we will call you back.

Our Mission Statement

“To provide the highest level of service combined with quality products, to ensure our customers receive the optimum solution for their packaging and promotional needs”.