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Patch Handle Polythene Carrier Bags

Patch Handle Plastic Bag
Exhibition Plastic Carrier Bag
Patch Handle Carrier Bag1a
Patch Handle Plastic Bags
Fashion Plastic Carrier Bag
Patch Handle Carrier Bags
Patch Handle Plastic Carrier Bag
Patch Handle Plastic Carrier Bags
Patch Handle Carrier Bag
Exhibition Plastic Carrier Bags
Patch Handle Plastic Bag Orange
Patch Handle Polythene Carrier Bags are our most popular printed carrier bag. They are ideal for use at exhibitions and for retail. The reinforcing patch is glued internally around the handle area, which provides additional strength and longevity to a simple yet stylish carrier bag.

New technology in printing plates have meant a dramatic increase in the print quality of our printed patch handle plastic carrier bags which has had stunning results.

To find out more about our Patch Handle Polythene Carrier Bags contact our friendly sales team on:
01234 675101 or click here to fill in a contact form.

Click here to see standard sizes
8 X 12” (cut out handle only)
10 X 12” (cut out handle only)
12 X 16 X 3”
12 X 18 X 3”
14 X 18 X 3”
15 X 18 X 3” (a very popular size)
16 X 18 X 3”
18 X 18 X 3”
20 X 18 X 3”
22 X 18 X 3”
24 X 18 X 3”

Lead Times

  • Approx 2-4 Weeks (UK Production)
  • Approx 6-8 Weeks (European Production)

Print Method

  • Pantones up to 8 colours
  • 4 Colour Process
  • NX plates available giving near litho quality see design page
  • 100% Ink Coverage
  • Gloss or Matt Lacquer

Polythene Thickness:

  • Our standard thicknesses are 48 micron & 75 micron, but we can supply just about anything you like.

About Biodegradable Polythene Bags
An additive is mixed with the master batch during production that degrades the polythene. This can have several names, but they work in the same way. The additive firstly starts to degrade the polythene under the influence of heat and light. Technically the process starts in the factory. Read More

About GreenPE Polythene Bags
Green PE is CO2 negative, renewable, recyclable and sustainable.

Green PE is made from sugar cane, and it’s the process of photosynthesis as the plant grows that makes this product carbon positive. As sugar cane plant grows it captures and fixes CO2 from the atmosphere during its production and reduce greenhouse gas emission. Read More

Film Colours:

  • There is a wide range of colours to choose from, please ask your sales adviser.

Minimum Order quantities apply


  • On your initial order there is a one off set up charge. This can be advised on sight of design.

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