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Peel and Reveal Labels and Stickers

Peel and Reveal labels and stickers are a fairly recent innovation allowing far more information to go in, what is usually, an extremely limited space. These are ideal for promotions, money off coupons, recipes, competitions, health and safety disclaimers, multi language text and useful product information. With new regulations on text size and content on point of sale packaging ‘Peel and Reveal’ is in growing demand. Minimum quantities start at 1000.

To find out more about our peel and reveal labels and stickers contact our friendly sales team on: 01234 675101 or click here to fill in a contact form.

Personalised print in up to seven colours (fifteen on larger quantities) with options available for UV varnish, foils (hot and cold) and holograms.Special thermochromatic sensitive inks can be used to conceal a message or image and this works particularly well with the ‘Peel and ‘Reveal’ concept. The temperature range can be tailored to suit the promotion. Cold reveal works in a similar way and reveals the information when the temperature drops.

If you can liaise with us regarding the function of the ‘Peel and Reveal’ label it will help ensure we supply a label fit for purpose in terms of the overall look and budget as well as the functionality. The label may need a permanent or semi permanent adhesive, it may need to be food grade safe and functional or the shape or size may be critical. Try and advise us what surface the ‘Peel and Reveal’ will be going onto (bottle, box, jar, hanger, cosmetic product, clothing, food packaging) and what you need to achieve.

Shape & Size:
There are multiple standard shapes and sizes but in addition you can go as ‘bespoke’ as you like. It may mean an additional cutter charge but this is a one off, so you are set up for repeats thereafter.

Wide range of materials available including velum matt paper, semi gloss, vinyl and synthetics. These will suit every use, look and budget. Food and freezer grade material and print available.

Adhesives: Do you need the ‘Peel and Reveal’ to be a ‘permanent’ peel back or is it important to be ‘resealable’?

Special finishes: As well as the print you may like to consider special finishes such as UV varnish, decorative foils (hot or cold) or holograms. Patterned laminate finishes and textured prints are available on larger quantities. Special thermochromatic temperature sensitive inks to conceal a message are also becoming popular and work brilliantly with the ‘Peel and Reveal’ concept. The temperature range can be tailored to suit the promotion and product. Scratch off and scent based inks are also available on larger quantities.

Packing: The labels and stickers can be supplied on sheets, on rolls or fanfold packs. Please advise which is most suited to your needs.

Lead Times
> Approx 3-4 Weeks (UK Production)