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Carrier Bags Made From Potato Starch

The potato starch film is plasticiser and GM free material derived from potato starch which makes it suitable for domestic and industrial composting. It is safe to put into your home compost bin, or food waste caddies and green waste for collection by local...

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Patch Handle Paper Bags

These Patch Handle Paper Bags are a new product that fits the gap between a counter bag & a traditional paper bag with handle. These have a reinforced die cut handle and are ideal for food, gift or promotional use. They are 100% recyclable so can go straight into your...

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Carrier Bags Made From Sugar Cane

After refining sugar cane the waste product is processed to make alcohol from that they make it into ethanol which can be made into polymer much like the same refining technique’s used in making oil based polymer. The product is carbon neutral and 100% recyclable....

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Twist Handle Paper Wine Bottle Bags

These Twist Handle Paper Wine Bottle bags are perfect for events, hotels and retail. The twist handle makes these bags easy and comfortable to carry even with a heavy bottle inside plus the reinforced base will ensure the contents is secure. Traditionally used to hold...

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Get Your Paper Bags in Less Than Two Weeks

If you need bags quickly then these Twist Handle Paper Bags are perfect, with delivery in less than two weeks that is half the time of most standard paper bags. There are 5 sizes available which means there will be one to fit your products perfectly and with the...

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Paper Mailing Bags

These Paper Mailing Bags are strong with a secure seal strip. They are also easily recyclable and can be added to your customers household recycling. There are two sizes available in small minimum order quantities. The expandable side gussets give you lots of space...

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Pop up Gift Boxes

These Pop up gift boxes are the perfect solution for your high end gifts, they are not only easy to assemble and durable they are also stunning which means they are ready to be given as a gift and no need for wrapping paper. The boxes can be completely custom branded...

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Bespoke Shaped Carrier Bags

Central England Co-op stores gave out this specially designed golden Christmas stocking to local deserving people in the run up to Christmas 2017, packed with Co-op treats. It doesn't have to be a stocking can be any shape that would reflect your brand or your...

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Premium Gift Packaging

Introducing our Premium Gift Packaging. These luxury paper gift bags are the perfect solution for any retail store that wants to wow their customers and not have the added task of gift wrapping the product. These bags are litho printed which means they can be tailored...

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Luxury Twist Handle Paper Bags

Introducing our Luxury Twist Handle Paper Bags, these bags are the ‘next step up’ from our standard Twist Handle Paper bags. With a wider range of papers, hot foil and spot UV possibilities plus a choice of handles these bags take twist handle bags to the next level....

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Plastic Money Envelopes

These grip sealed plastic money envelopes are perfect if you are offering money exchanges and want a professional and durable solution. Your plastic money envelopes can be printed to match your branding, they are also resealable and come in various sizes to meet your...

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Branded Gift Bags

These branded gift bags are ingenious; a brilliant twist on the classic stock design. By using subtle and attractive branding combined with the gift tag, you will ensure your customer not only carries your brand home but also reuses your bag for gifting. Perfect for...

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Stellar Bags – The Perfect Bag for Exhibitions

Introducing the brand new to the market Stellar Bag, which is a stunning and cost affective alternative to the standard Non Woven PP bags. The reason this is more cost affective than the standard Non Woven PP bags is because there are no additional charges for...

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Juco Bags

Juco Bags are made from a blend of 75% jute and 25% cotton. These bags were created to include the best properties of both jute and cotton to create an eco friendly alternative. Juco's finer weave which is similar to cotton or canvas allows a finer print so you can...

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Clip Close Carrier Bags

Now technically this is not a "New" bag, in fact its a very traditional style but we think its worth talking about. This style of carrier bag is ideal for traditional clothes shops that offer both hiring of products and retail. The clip close feature keeps your...

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Soft Touch Laminate Rope Handle Paper bags

Soft Touch is a laminated finish that creates a luxurious, high quality feel to the surface of a printed sheet. Being a clear film that has the appearance of a dull rich matt finish, this film is ideally suited for the packaging of luxury goods, providing an instant...

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Fully Compostable Carrier Bags

These new bags are an eco friendly option, they are made from material originating from Maize (corn). They are biodegradable and compostable with the help of a special microorganism over time. With all the benefits and durability of a standard plastic bag and...

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Co-Ex Bi Colour Plastic Carrier Bags

For a mordern and funky look we are now offering co-extruded films on various colours. This means you can colour match to your branding and have a "lined" coloured finish to the inside of your bag. Because of the multi-layer film process Co-Ex plastic carrier bags are...

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Click and Collect Mailing Bags

A fantastic new design allowing the bags to be sealed in store to ensure the safety of the contents prior to customer collection. The handle ensures they are easy to carry for the customer whilst giving maximum impact of the design. The clever double seal set up,...

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