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A transparent high barrier heat sealable compostable film. Certified as compostable in both industrial and home composting environments; it has excellent moisture barrier, excellent barriers to gases and aromas and is resistant to oils and grease. It also offers a good transparent glossy finish.

As with all the more environmentally friendly replacements, it is not an exact replica of the plastic alternative. Currently the thickest option is 45 micron, so it is not as rigid as many existing pvc clear windows and storage conditions are key. However this is what the market is increasingly demanding and it is an opportunity to brand and print your packaging accordingly.

Shropshire Petals are truly committed to working towards using more and more environmentally friendly packaging. They were extremely proactive, they understood the fact that you cannot directly replace like for like and worked with us to bring this fantastic project to fruition. Not only did they use this new compostable window, they also used FSC paper.

To find out more about our Compostable Clear Window on paper products contact our friendly sales team on: 01234 675101 or click here to fill in a contact form.