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Recyclable Polythene

Regular Polythene is 100% recyclable. There are currently two main options for recycling these bags, one is to use the old bags to produce new bags and the second is to use the old bags to create other products such as pens, floor tiles, bin sacks and even outdoor furniture. Research is also being carried out to use plastics, including polythene bags, and turn them back into oil that can be used as a resource to power shipping.

To reuse the bags as often as possible before recycling is another positive aspect of these products; as opposed to other packaging that really is only single use.

Most supermarkets have a collection point for polythene bags and will ensure they are recycled. Many councils are now actively recycling polythene bags but you do need to check.

Polythene bags are used as the ‘symbol’ of a single use plastic product. The irony is that it is one of the few reusable types of plastic packaging and if properly disposed of and collected by industry or councils, can be successfully recycled. The issues tend to be created by the way in which some people carelessly dispose of them and in those countries where they have no infrastructure to collect any rubbish responsibly. In the UK, it can be ‘confusing’ determining which councils will recycle and tends to be left to the consumer and industry.

You can include the recyclable logo and text in your design or we can put this information in the gusset for you, on request. Please ask your sales contact to send you the details and relevant logo.


Recyclable Polythene Printed Carrier Bags