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Branding is ever important and getting your product to stand out from the rest is critical.

Grip Seal bags and stand-up pouches achieve this and with the help from our friendly and expert sales team, we can ensure you receive the bags you deserve.

Grip Seal Bags: Grip Seal Bags are ideal when a secure seal is needed but where long term re-use remains possible. This is in contrast to the “Permanent Seal” strip where the bag needs to be “torn” to get to the contents, thus making it impossible to re use.

Stand-Up Pouches: Bespoke Pouches (Doy Packs) are available with Digital, Narrow and Wide Web Flexo type of printing. So perfect for short or long runs. Pouches are a cost effective alternative to Tin, Glass and Board. In addition, they look great on the shelves & are easy for the consumer to open.

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Why Choose us?

  • Trusted in the industry for over 20 years.
  • Highly trained and experienced sales team.
  • Extensive Range.
  • A bespoke solution for each client.
  • Only accredited factories used.
  • Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery.