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Stand-up Pouches

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Grip Seal bag
Grip Seal Bags – Brunei Halal Foods
Plastic Money Wallet
Printed Grip Seal Pouches
Printed POS Bags
POS Bags
Point Of Sale Bag

Bespoke Pouches (Doy Packs) are available with Digital, Narrow and Wide Web Flexo type of printing. So perfect for short or long runs.

Pouches are a cost effective alternative to Tin, Glass and Board. In addition, they look great on the shelves & are easy for the consumer to open.

Lead Times

  • Approx 4-6 Weeks (UK Production)

Standard Sizes:

  • 120 X 240 + 70mm
  • 160 X 270 + 90mm
  • 210 X 300 + 90mm
  • (Bespoke sizes available on request.)

Print Method: Digitally Printed

  • No expensive setup costs (as its digital, no printing plates!)
  • Excellent print quality (including full colour photos etc)
  • Great for short runs and promotions

Minimum Quantities
5000 bags – BUT these can be made up of various designs (i.e. 5 X different designs)

Finishes Available

  • White
  • Clear
  • Matt
  • Gloss

Special Features Possible

  • Hidden Glyphs – great for media campaign
  • Personalised
  • Clear windows to showcase contents
  • Metalised film for added barrier
  • Sachets or stand up pouches


  • Because we are using digital printing this means there are no additional costs for printing plates.