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Artisan Paper Bags

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You can choose whichever kind of paper you wish, from the most refined to the most elaborate, even scented ones, each with different weights, markings, or embossed details. Pick the one which better suits your company image, and the one which best conveys the quality of your products with a simple touch.

Choose your bespoke size, measurements, shapes; anything is possible, and everything is attainable thanks to the handmade production of every single bag. Then we move onto accessories, you can choose whichever kind of material you prefer, from fabric, to cord, to metals. Customisation solutions for “Artisan” bags are limitless.

Whenever visual artists, photographers and film directors need to represent shopping in some way, they very often portray a person walking with several designer shopping bags.

Brands have tried more and more to be different to one another over the years by choosing solutions which would make them recognisable and stand out from their competition. But thats not all, nowadays a shopping bag is also an actual representation of your company and products. When bags are manufactured with such a high level care and expertise it becomes a perfect blend of shapes and materials which reflect the quality of your products.

Moreover, the packaging, labels and other marketing materials accompanying your products are often thrown away but not the shopping bags. Your bag with your brand will stay in your customers house for a long time and be seen by countless people.

To find out more about our artisan carrier bags contact our friendly sales team on:
01234 675101 or click here to fill in a contact form.

Lead Times

  • These bags need time due to their bespoke nature – the more bespoke the bag the longer the time needed. Once you have a finished and agreed specification allow 6 – 10 weeks.