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Swing Tickets and Tags

Swing Tickets and Tags Printed Carrier Bags
Swing Tickets and Tags Printed Carrier Bags
Swing Tickets and Tags Printed Carrier Bags

Swing Tickets and Tags are an ideal way to brand your products and communicate essential information.

Whether you need garment swing tickets, tickets for an upmarket luxury item or need a hardy weather proof tag; we offer the full selection.
To find out more about our swing tickets and tags contact our friendly sales team on: 01234 675101 or click here to fill in a contact form.
  • Prints can be spot coloured or process. Digital print is ideal on the smaller quantities.
Function & Special Features:
  • If you can liaise with us regarding the function of the swing ticket or tag it will ensure we supply the option that is most fit for purpose in terms of the overall look, budget and functionality. For example:
    Does the tag need to be hard wearing and waterproof?
    Do you need eyelets for look or strength?
    Do you need the tickets strung and if so with string, wire or ribbon?
    Is the tag more for internal ‘industrial’ use and would a self tie save time?
    Do you need to be able to write on the tag?
Shape & Size:
  • There are standard sizes which we would generally quote, having being given an approximate size, however should you need a bespoke size or shape this is no problem.
  • For point of display swing tickets we would generally recommend a gloss or matt artboard, 250gsm is standard. The gloss gives the luxury shiny finish whilst the matt is more subtle and must be used if you need to write on the swing ticket. The matt brown paper and pulp board is currently very popular giving the fashionable ‘rustic’ look. For weather resistant tags a plastic is used. This still allows excellent print quality and can be left outside for months.
Lead Times:
  • Approx 4 weeks

Why Choose us?

Trusted in the industry for over 30 years.

Highly trained and experienced sales team.

Extensive Range.

A bespoke solution for each client.

Only accredited factories used.

Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery.