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Mailing bags provide a durable, lightweight and secure way of sending your goods through the postal system. With our printing know how your message can be printed in beautiful, vivid colours with an eye catching design.

Whether your sending out goods to customers or promotional material these paper or polythene mailing bags are the perfect solution.

Polythene Mailing Bags: Our Polythene Mailing Bags are durable, lightweight and waterproof making them ideal for sending your goods through the postal system.

Paper Mailing Bags: Our Paper Mailing Bags are a great eco Alternative, they are 100% recyclable and from sustainable sources but still offer the same durability.

Paper Padded Envelopes: Available with the traditional ‘jiffy’ bubble protection but also now a new corrugated paper protection that is fully recyclable. In addition the brown kraft are manufactured from recycled paper.

Our Mailing Bag Solutions
For over 20 years we’ve been busy delivering upon our client’s project briefs, over which time we’ve only ever worked with the latest equipment which is all operated by technicians who know their trade inside out. Choosing Templecoombe Ltd for your Mailing Bag projects means that you can look forward to…

A Brand that is clearly communicated: Via a marketing medium that can include everything from your logo, your slogan and finishing upon your contact details.

An environmentally friendly solution: Each and every one of our products focuses on being as environmentally friendly as possible, for strong bags and strong ethics.

A UK based company that is always awaiting your call: We’re proud to be based in the UK, and our team are always happy to answer your calls and emails. We are recognised throughout the industry for our efficient and friendly service. The foundations of ensuring the very best outcome for your packaging needs are our stable, long serving, professional and knowledgeable sales team, that truly work in partnership with our customers and factories.

Only accredited factories used: Through a strict initial and ongoing monitoring process that has been designed and implemented by Templecoombe Ltd, we ensure that only the factories that can consistently offer what we need in terms of the quality of products, reliability and commitment to environmental and ethical standards are used.

Your Mailing Bag needs – Get in Touch
We’re passionate about our industry and focus upon exceeding our client’s expectations. If you need bags please get in touch. We are here to help you through this decision making process. You can send the team a message via our contact page, email or phone 01234 712121.

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Why Choose us?

  • Trusted in the industry for over 20 years.
  • Highly trained and experienced sales team.
  • Extensive Range.
  • A bespoke solution for each client.
  • Only accredited factories used.
  • Individual orders monitored from enquiry to delivery.