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Buyers Guide

There are many different types of bags that can be produced in various materials, it can be a little confusing so we have created a buyers guide to help you understand the various types of bag we supply and the most common uses for those bags. If you have any further questions please contact one of our highly trained sales team who will be happy to help you find the perfect packaging solution for your business or event.

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Film Types Guide click here

LDPE: Most often used for carrier bags; due to its practical and economic benefits. We are offering this film with 30% plus recycled content now as standard; since the plastic packaging tax April 2022. For very complex prints you may choose virgin film, which does have a smoother pristine finish. Also available are compostable and biodegradable films.

Co-Ex film: Used when you need the bag to be completely opaque. White and black film is welded together to make the bag opaque and resulting in off white/pale grey finish; perfect for all print requirements. Most frequently used for mailers.

Cast polypropylene film (CPP) Used instead of low density film for point of display items. It gives a clearer finish to the film (not milky) and is elastic and functional.

Orientated polypropylene film (OPP) Has a ‘glass; finish and is clearer again than CPP. It has the ‘stretch’ taken out and tears instead. Often used for magazines and ‘non hanging’ point of display items.

Metalised film: Used for the stunning eye catching finish. It comes in silver as standard but can be overprinted for a metallic finish.

Laminated film: (PET) Gives a premium gloss or matt finish and is very rigid. Most often used for the pouches, grip seal bags, euroslot bags, however higher minimum quantities and higher unit costs apply.

Paper Types Guide Click here

Kraft Paper: Kraft paper is bio-based and completely biodegradable. It is also a mono-material that is easily and frequently recycled. Its mechanical strength makes it perfect for lighter and reusable eco-designed packaging. All kraft paper is fully recyclable and biodegradable. It gives a rustic look to the bag. Colours will be less intense and have a slightly ‘faded’ look.

Laminated Paper: Lamination is available in a gloss or matt option. It gives the bag a high end look as well as the colours and designs being more intense and ‘vibrant’. This paper is much harder to recycle than kraft paper; the lamination is not recyclable so it has to be separated from the paper.

FSC® Certified Paper: The Forest Steward Council ®(FSC) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. Since its foundation in 1993, FSC has grown to become the world’s most respected and widespread forest certification system. Templecoombe Ltd is a certified supplier.

PEFC Paper: PEFC, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification, is a leading global alliance of national forest certification systems. As an international non-profit, non-governmental organization, they are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management through independent third-party certification. Templecoombe Ltd is a certified supplier.

PAPER BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Paper Bags come in a wide range of Styles including the economical machine made Tape or Twisted Handle paper bags, these bags are 100% recyclable and the paper used comes from sustainable sources.

If you want a higher spec Paper Bag then you can choose a Rope Handle Laminated or Un-Laminated bags, these bags are Litho printed, made from high quality coated board and hand finished. They are also strong and with reinforced card handles.

We also supply Counter Bags which are economical and can be brown or white, brown being recyclable.

Where are they used?
Paper bags are a popular choice amongst retailers and take away restaurants as they are eye-catching, durable and relatively inexpensive. Paper bags are also a great way to present gifts at corporate events, weddings and retail exhibitions.

Our Counter Bags are used by gift shops, sandwich shops and many others to package small gifts, greetings cards and sandwiches.

Lead Times & Qty’s

Rope Handle Paper Bags
2 weeks – UK Production
4 weeks – European Production
10 weeks – Far East Production

Twisted or Tape Handle Paper Bags
From 1 – 8 week depending on size, qty and print detail

Counter Bags
Approx 6-8 weeks

POLYTHENE BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Polythene Bags are a very popular choice amongst the large grocers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s and they come in a variety of styles depending on your requirements. The most popular choice is the Patch Handle Bag which can be produced in matt or gloss with up-to 8 colours.

Where are they used?
These bags are primarily used within large grocers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s as a reliable, durable and cost effective carrier bag solution. These bags are always popular choice for takeaway restaurants and garden centres.

Lead Times & qty’s

Patch & Vest Handle Polythene Bags
2 – 4 weeks – UK Production
14 weeks – Far East Production

Flexiloop Handle Polythene Bags
4 weeks

Duffle Handle Polythene Bags
4 weeks – UK Production
8 weeks – Imported option

For specific bag specifications please visit our Polythene Bags page.

For individual bag specifications please visit our Paper Bags page.

MAILING BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Mailing Bags are made from low density Polythene, can be 4 colour printed and can offer some protection to products through out the mailing process. They can have a permanent seal which means you have to rip the bag to open it or we can supply resealable options so your mailing bags can be used again.

Our Mailing bags also include CoEx which is used to prevent people from seeing through the bags for added security.

Where are they used?
Mailing Bags have become more important than ever with the growth of online sales, they are used by a number of online retailers as a secure, durable and cost effective method of delivering products and promoting their brand throughout the delivery process.

Lead Times & qty’s

Approximately 4 weeks delivery and minimum order qty 1000

For specific bag specifications please visit our Mailing Bags page.

COTTON BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Cotton Bags come in a range of sizes, weights and styles, we can supply standard cotton and cotton canvas in both long and short handle and with or without gussets. Our Cotton Bags can be dyed and screen printed with your choice of art work to a high standard.

Where are they used?

Cotton Bags are being used increasingly by retailers to give there customers the option between standard polythene and cotton, they also show a company environmental concern and efforts to cut down on pollution. Cotton bags are also very popular for use at exhibitions and corporate events to give a real boost to your brand and encourage sales leads.

Lead Times & qty’s

Approximately 1 week delivery and minimum order qty 250

For specific bag specifications please visit our Cotton Bags page.

JUTE BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Jute bags come in various sizes and can have long, short or medium handles made from cotton to make them durable and comfortable to use. Our standard Jute Bags are natural in colour but can be dyed to order but this will increase the price per bag and delivery time. We can screen print our standard Jute Bags with your branding to a high finish.

Where are they used?

The primary use of these bags has been exhibitions, corporate events and for re-sale but Jute Bags are becoming more popular with retailers who are now wanting to offer a choice of bags to their customers and at the same time show their environmental concerns.

Offering Jute Bags can make your customers walking advertisements for your brand as they are sure to use these bags more than once.

Lead Times & qty’s

Natural Screen Printed – 2 weeks, minimum order 100
Bespoke – up to 14 weeks, minimum order 1000

For specific bag specifications please visit our Jute Bags page.

WOVEN PP BAGS - Click here to see our guide
Styles and Materials Available

Woven PP Bags come in various styles including Shopper Landscape, portrait and the well known Ikea style large shopping bags. Woven PP is a lightweight and durable material that can be wiped clean are litho printed and come in a matt or gloss finish.

Where are they used?

These bags are offered to shoppers as a long term alternative to the standard plastic carrier bags and because they are durable, can be wiped clean and can have your design litho printed onto them they turn your customers into walking advertisers for your business.

Lead Times & qty’s

Light Weight – 6 weeks, minimum order 1000
Shopper & Ikea Style – 12 weeks, minimum order 1000

For specific bag specifications please visit our Woven PP Bags page.

NON WOVEN PP BAGS - Click here to see our guide

Styles and Materials Available

These Non Woven PP Bags are very versatile and can be printed using different techniques which means you can have the standard centred print or you can have your design full bleed covering the entire bag. Non Woven PP is very strong but also extremely lightweight.

Where are they used?

Non Woven PP is strong, lightweight and can be printed using a number of techniques giving your marketing message a real boost which makes these bags perfect for exhibitions, events and for re-sale to your customers to use as a long term alternative to standard plastic carrier bags.

Lead Times & qty’s

Long Handle Screen Printed – 2-3 weeks
Other styles and printing techniques – 12 weeks

For specific bag specifications please visit our Non Woven PP Bags page.