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Grip Seal Bags

Grip Seal bag
Grip Seal Bags – Brunei Halal Foods
Plastic Money Wallet
Printed Grip Seal Pouches
Printed POS Bags
POS Bags
Point Of Sale Bag

Grip Seal Bags are ideal when a secure seal is needed but where long term re-use remains possible. This is in contrast to the “Permanent Seal” strip where the bag needs to be “torn” to get to the contents, thus making it impossible to re use.

For added security the bag can be heat sealed by the filler or packer above the grip seal. Where long term re-use is not essential then the Euroslot bag is one of the most cost effective options for the retail environment.

Lead Times

  • Approx 4-6 Weeks (UK Production)

Print Method:

  • Pantones up to 8 colours
  • 4 Colour Process

Film Thickness:

We can offer from 50 micron up to 125 micron on the LDPE as standard. Consideration needs to be given as to the suitability of the thickness and film type with regard to functionality, visual aesthetics and budgetary constraints. CPP is often a preferred option for the visual clarity it offers, especially for sleeves. Where strength and stiffness are key, PET laminate films are available but often higher minimums apply and also higher unit costs. This film is most often used for the ‘standing’ pouches.

Low Density film: (LDPE)The standard film. It is economic and offers a wide film colour choice.


  • On your initial order there is a one off set up charge. This can be advised on sight of design.

Minimum Order quantities apply