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We are pleased to be able to offer compostable bags made from potato starch and cornstarch.

The potato starch bag will completely disintegrate into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in standard composting conditions. The composting process starts after contact with microorganisms, when humidity level is up to 80% and temperatures over 25°C. Bags are certified “OK COMPOST” by EU standard EN 13432 & International standard ASTM D6400-99. The bags are intended for composting, but if thrown away will degrade. Inks are all water based however to be safely and strictly certified the ink cover needs to be no more than 50% and thickness no more than 69 micron.

The corn starch is similar to above bio-degrading with the help of microorganisms over time. This film is EU certified as OK Compostable also.

You can include the compostable text or logo in your design or we can put this information at the base of the bag for you. Please ask your sales contact to send you the details.


Compostable Printed Carrier Bags