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Printed Paper Napkins

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Printed Paper Napkins Premier
Printed Paper Napkins De Bonk Group
Printed Paper Napkins WSE
Printed Paper Napkins Fico
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printed paper napkins black and cream

An extensive range of paper napkins is available to tailor with your logo and requirements. From a single ply small disposable napkin supplied with dispenser up to a large upmarket ‘airlaid’ dinner napkin which is ideal for the ‘bistro’ look. Quantities from as few as 1000.

Whether you’re holding a corporate event, running a fast food outlet or have a cafe at a visitor attraction these branded napkins are a perfect way of enhancing your professional image.

To find out more about our printed Napkins contact our friendly sales team on: 01234 712121 or click here to fill in a contact form.

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Although most popular in white or brown paper with logo and branding in up to three colours, base colours are an option and can really add impact.

Base colour Range:

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