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Templecoombe Ltd Sustainability Policy Statement

We are committed to a sustainable future and to improving the social, economic and environmental well being of the community. We recognise our business can have negative impacts and are committed to reducing this impact both in our company and our supply chain. We aim to contribute positively to our local community.

Our business:
We recognise that although our operations have a relatively low impact environmentally we still have a responsibility to reduce the impact of our day to day activity and to help advise customers make the best possible decisions they can. In order to do this we:

  • Train our staff to be as transparent as possible about the products and give as much information as they can when asked. We do not promote one ‘best’ option believing that this must be determined by the customer and their individual requirements and needs.
  • Operate a diary system for each customer to remind them to keep an eye on their stock. This can reduce or negate any need for airfreight and allows us to use standard deliveries where orders are bulked together
  • Use electronic communications where possible and are constantly looking to reduce our consumption of paper (see policies in progress)
  • We recycle all our scrap paper and have dramatically reduced our consumption of ‘virgin’ paper
  • We recycle printer cartridges and old computer equipment where we can
  • Strict ‘switch off’ policy. All our lights and computers are turned off by the last member of staff in the building at night.
  • Communal kitchen and tea and coffee making facilities. The team usually bring a packed lunch and use the facilities thus reducing any packaging from disposable cups and bought sandwiches.

Our manufacturing supply chain:
Templecoombe Ltd recognises its obligations to do its best to ensure its partner factories operate under a similar ethical and environmentally proactive code of conduct. In order for the commitment to follow through the supply chain we:

  • Have a supplier rating system and only use suppliers that achieve a level A or B on inspection
  • Programme the company database to block use of suppliers at level C
  • Assess partner factories on a yearly basis every July on a comprehensive set of criteria, including their ethical and environmental policy and practice.

Our community:
We make efforts to positively impact our local community and wider community by doing the following:

  • Always supporting the towns flower displays, Christmas trees and lights. Also other adhoc celebrations such as the Coronation
  • Supporting our local Lions club
  • Supporting national emergency appeals
  • Supporting our team, our factories teams and our customers with any personal fundraising sponsorship requests
  • Ad hoc local support projects; current examples:
    -we have recently contributed to the purchase of a fridge for the local food bank
    – we will be sponsoring a fundraising concert in the town