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Fairtrade Organic Cotton

Whist fairtrade cotton is mostly concerned with certifying a fair price to farmers for their crop, it does also certify that the most harmful pesticides are not used. In addition the fairtrade cotton we supply is also certified organic, which means it is grown without any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Generally regular cotton growing starts with seeds that are genetically modified; whereas certified organic cotton eliminates any use of GMOs.

We can supply fairtrade organic cotton on most styles but please specify if you would like this at the time of enquiry, it will incur additional cost. If you use fairtrade organic cotton, this will enable you to include the logos in your design should you wish to do so, otherwise this information is automatically sewn into the label of the bag for you. Please ask your sales contact to send you the details and relevant logo.


Fairtrade Organic Cotton Printed Carrier Bags