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In the spring of 2022, a pivotal change arrived on the horizon as the UK Government unveiled the Plastic Packaging Tax. This tax carries a vital message: it’s time for a collective shift towards sustainable packaging solutions. Let’s delve into how recycled polythene is at the heart of this movement.

Taxing Plastic: A Step Towards Sustainability

April 2022 marked a significant turning point with the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax. Its focus is crystal clear: targeting plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled plastic, the tax acts as a catalyst for change. This incentive nudges both manufacturers and consumers to opt for plastics with recycled content, thereby driving greater recycling efforts and better plastic waste management.

Evolving Perceptions of “Perfect”

Recycled polythene holds the key to a greener future, but it comes with a shift in perspective. While higher recycled content can lead to subtle imperfections in film clarity and print quality, this compromise is a vital one. Over time, what may seem like imperfections today will likely evolve into the new standard. As sustainability takes center stage, we all play a role in reshaping societal norms and accepting these changes for the greater good.

Displaying Commitment: The RE Logo

As we journey towards a future rooted in sustainability, symbols like the RE content or RE logo act as emblems of our dedication. Consider incorporating the RE logo into your packaging design, showcasing your commitment to using recycled materials. Alternatively, position it discreetly in the base gusset or lip of your mailing bags – a subtle reminder of your eco-conscious choices.

In conclusion, recycled polythene stands as a beacon of change in a world grappling with plastic waste. The Plastic Packaging Tax underscores our shared responsibility to opt for sustainable solutions. As we embrace recycled content, we embrace imperfections as a sign of progress. The road to sustainability is paved with choices, and the RE logo adds a touch of authenticity to this transformative journey. To learn more or to get started, reach out to your designated sales contact.

Join us in shaping a sustainable future – one recycled polythene package at a time.