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After the huge success of Asda’s Tickled Pink breast cancer fund-raising campaign ‘Bag for Life’, several stores owned by the supermarket chain have decided to run a similar campaign enrolling the help of local schoolchildren to create a new 6p carrier bag.

The move, designed to create awareness and teach younger pupils aged 5 – 7 the importance of reusing, reducing, and recycling plastic and paper carrier bags, will also boost the local community as all proceeds from the 6p carrier bags will go towards school funds.

Asda in South Shields invited the pupils from St. Gregory’s Primary School to express their creative skills, and design a carrier bag based on the theme of ‘community’. The youngsters were given the freedom to let their “imaginations run wild”, and the result was an impressive selection of brightly coloured carrier bags with images of the seaside, royal themes in honour of the Queens Diamond Jubilee, families and party scenes.

At the Downpatrick Primary School in County Down, Northern Ireland, pupils were given a talk on the environmental impacts of single use carrier bags and the benefits of reusing and recycling, before they were allowed to get their hands on the felt tip pens! Additionally, they were given a printed flyer full of interesting facts such as “if carrier bags were around at the time of the Battle of Hastings in 1066 they would still be around today” and “the average household uses 400 carrier bags each year”.

The completed carrier bags from both schools will make their way to Asda’s head office in Leeds, where they will compete with other carrier bags created by pupils from across the country.
A wonderful way to teach the new generation, Asda’s ‘Bag for Life’ campaign is set to be a success, as parents across the country splash out on the 6p carrier bags designed by their own children.

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