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The high street is in turmoil yet again as the latest casualty Clinton Cards goes into administration and its 600+ stores look set for closure.  An unsettling day for the high street and for the 8,000 Clinton employees, but is it really such as surprise?

With an estimated 85% of the population now shopping online, the high street can only continue on this downward spiral, and while many of us will miss the traditional shopping experience of walking through our local town, the high street can simply no longer compete with online retailers.

Online shopping is not only convenient, but retailers can offer their services and products at competitive prices, as they are not paying for fancy stores and prime locations. A win-win solution for the consumer, online shopping can only continue to grow, and savvy internet retailers are taking advantage of this growing trend by combining packaging with marketing.

An online retailer simply needs a great product, an attractive website, and a professional packaging solution to start trading on the World Wide Web, but as the market place is highly competitive, many are turning to branded mailing bags to help advertise their products and/or services.

A solution that not only serves a purpose, but one that promotes a business profile, branded mailing bags are ideal for internet retailers who deliver their products via postal or courier transport, and as they are both light and waterproof, they do not add weight to the shipping cost, and keep the contents in perfect condition.

Available in a variety of different shapes, styles, and designs, branded mailing bags self-seal with an integral adhesive strip so packing is effortless, and they can be custom printed with your logo and contact details for a highly professional finish.

Branding and marketing is everything in the internet world, and by using branded mailing bags, you can promote your business in more ways than one.

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