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With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the London Olympics, the “Great British Summer” of 2012 is set to go down in the history books.

Yesterday’s pageant along the River Thames attracted over a million visitors to London, and despite the insistent downpours and chilly temperatures, patriots from across the country and the world, remained along the riverbanks, waving their flags, and showing their support to the Queen as she celebrated her 60-year reign.

Auspicious events like these are unlikely to happen again anytime soon, and so many of the UK’s leading brands have updated their packaging to commemorate both the Jubilee and the Olympics, in an attempt to stand out on the supermarket shelves.

From Union Jack flags and carrier bags, to hats, scarves, and bunting, British paraphernalia is available everywhere, but some brands have gone one-step further by renaming their most popular food items.

Food giant Nestlé has renamed their popular Kit Kat chocolate bar as ‘Brit Kat’ to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee, while Mars has temporarily rebranded their Celebrations chocolates as ‘Jubilations’, and Kingsmill bread has been aptly renamed as ‘Queensmill’ for a two week period.

The most original play on words would have to go to Marmite, who has unleashed their brilliant new slogan of Marmite complete with a Union Jack label. Whether you love it or hate it, every patriotic Brit will want to get their hands on one of these limited edition jars, and they are selling out fast.

If you can stretch to the £100,000 price tag, you can treat yourself to a bottle of Johnny Walker limited edition Diamond Jubilee, a malt Whiskey made from a rare grain. “John Walker & Sons bottled up this blend in 1952” and produced only 61 bottles, 1 for the Queen, the other 60 to be sold.

Events like these just go to show how retailers need to be one-step ahead in the marketing game, and use the best of British packaging to stand out in a very big crowd.

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