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A recent survey carried out by EasyFairs, an organiser of time and cost-effective trade shows; found that most European packaging professionals believe the industry has a strong future thanks to advances in environmentally friendly packaging.

Of the 2,600 packaging professionals from northern and central Europe who responded to the survey, almost half confirmed that they already regarded environmental packaging as part of their brand, and that they believed the environment will be the ‘driver of innovation’ in the industry over the next five to ten years.

Germany is a clear leader in terms of its approach to sustainable packaging, and as such, it was declared the most advanced country in Europe by the survey respondents. Spanish and British packaging companies fare well when it comes to driving innovation and reducing the cost of environmentally friendly packaging, with 57% of those questioned regarding their companies as “radical or incremental innovators.”

The survey revealed that the most respected brands among packaging experts are Apple and Coca-Cola, and that two-thirds of larger packaging companies revamp their packaging more often than once every two years to incorporate graphical changes to pack formats, and apply new and advanced materials.

One very positive observation to come out of the survey, is that those in the packaging industry no longer see biodegradables, such as those used in plastic carrier bags, as a ‘fad’, but rather a ‘material of the future’ that will play a large role in sustainable packaging in the coming years.

Packaging professionals also regard paper and stable plastics as materials that will become increasingly important in the ‘greener’ future, while the use of metal, glass and wood materials is set to decline.

Surveys like these not only boost the packaging industry, but also show that steps are being taken to ensure our carrier bags and plastic bottles serve a purpose, without damaging the environment.

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