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If you find yourself surrounded by restless children and supermarket carrier bags this festive season, why not combine the two, and make a “seriously beautiful and unique holiday wreath”.

Using discarded plastic carrier bags to create a stunning Christmas decoration, this great idea takes plastic recycling to a whole new level, and all you need to create a stunning wreath of your own is 20 white plastic carrier bags (preferably lightweight single use bags), a pair of scissors, and a 12-inch metal wreath frame.

To make the festive wreath from plastic bags, simply follow these five steps:

  1. Gather the plain white plastic carrier bags, smooth out, and layer them on top of each other to create a symmetrical pile.  Remove the ends of the bags with scissors.
  2. Cut the bags horizontally into long strips, approximately 2cm in width.
  3. If your carrier bags are branded or display images, cut these away now so that you have plain white strips of plastic, and then cut the strips into three-to-four inch sections.
  4. This next part is time-consuming, so get the children involved!  Double-knot lengths of the plastic bags and tie them around the wreath frame, bunching the pieces together to cover the entire surface and create a full wreath.  Continue right the way around the wreath until you have used up all the plastic strips, then trim where necessary to create a symmetrical and neat ring.
  5. Adorn your plastic bag Christmas wreath with pinecones, baubles, or any other small decorations you have at home, and hang it on the front door for all to see!

Plastic recycling at its best, the Christmas Carrier Bag Wreath will use up any unwanted plastic bags you have at home, keep the children entertained, and bring a touch of festive cheer to your door, all of which equates to a very Merry Christmas!