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What do you think would be a fair amount to pay for a high quality brown paper carrier bag… 5p, 10p or maybe 25p?   Well, if you are a fashion-conscious gentleman, it looks like you might have to dig a little bit deeper!

German fashion designer Jill Sanders recently unveiled her autumn/winter 2012 collection, which included the men’s ‘Vasari’ bag made out of 100 percent coated paper.  Looking much like a regular brown paper carrier bag the designer version went on sale for a staggering £185, and sold out within just three weeks.

Featuring brown stitched seams, gold eyelets along the bottom, and the designer’s name emblazoned across the front, the latest ‘it’ bag became so popular that the designer was forced to ask external retailers to return their stock, and it is no longer available on the official Jill Sander’s ecommerce site.

A staple on the high street for decades, the brown paper carrier bag is a strong, reliable and practical packaging solution, and while regular retailers may not get away with the £185 price tag, the popularity of this latest version just goes to show that consumers are happy to pay for something that looks and feels great.

Paper carrier bags have the advantages of being naturally biodegradable, recyclable, and in many instances, compostable, and when made from natural brown Kraft paper, they are one of the most environmentally friendly options available.

With a range of different sizes and styles to choose from, our brown paper bags are printable with a whole spectrum of colours and designs, but if you want to replicate the designer ‘minimalist’ version, less it most definitely more.

Sadly, the £185 brown paper bag is no longer available, but if you have a spare £500 to spare, you could always treat yourself to the leather version!

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