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Summer may have only just arrived in certain parts of the UK, but with autumn just around the corner, many of the world’s larger retailers are already preparing for the huge amount of trade-shows, conventions and exhibitions that are set to take place during the months of September, October and November.

A great time of year to get out there, network, and showcase our products and services, annual trade-shows bring thousands of exhibitors and potential customers together in a single location, and as such, they provide the perfect platform for marketing and advertising our goods.

In previous years exhibitors handed out brochures, envelopes filled with marketing materials, and maybe the odd key ring to promote their business or services, but today, savvy retailers realise that if they want to stand out in a highly competitive crowd, they need to offer consumers something more luxurious – and this is where jute carrier bags come in.

Jute carrier bags, also referred to as eco-bags, are natural, reusable, and extremely durable, so they are ideal for use at promotional events.  Filled with a selection of high quality sales and marketing merchandise, they will attract the attention of those passing by your stand, and are far more likely to be accepted than a simple booklet or DVD.

As with paper carrier bags, jute bags come in a variety of different sizes and styles, and they are printable with your company details, logo, and just about any other detail you would like to add to the surface of the bag.  Designed to last, your jute carrier bags will almost certainly be reused by the consumer after the trade-show has ended, and so the advertising possibilities are endless.

Made from natural materials and considered an environmentally friendly alternative to the plastic carrier bag, Jute carrier bags are not only extremely practical, but they send out a positive message about you and your business.

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