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If, like many of us, you find yourself with carrier bags full of carrier bags, it may be time to tackle the issue and do your bit in keeping Britain tidy.

Simple and practical, a carrier bag can be used for numerous different purposes (in addition to carrying the shopping home), and if we all make a conscious effort to reuse, reduce and recycle, we can avoid those carrier bag taxes, levies and bans that our governments seem so eager to impose, and continue to use our plastic carrier bags without damaging the environment.

Get a Carrier Bag Habit

If you haven’t got ‘a carrier bag habit’ yet, now is the perfect time to grab a handful of bags from the cupboard, under the stairs, or the kitchen drawer, and put them into the boot of your car or shopping bag.  Forgetting to take them with us in the first place is one of the main reasons why people do not reuse their carrier bags, but if they are already in your bag or car – you are one-step ahead when it comes to a last-minute shopping spree.

Reuse the Carrier Bags you have a Home

Instead of throwing a used carrier bag in the bin, why not use it to line the bin instead! Reusing the bag and removing in the need for a bin liner, it is a great way to ‘kill two birds with one stone’, and you might even save money in the process.

Get the kids involved too!  They might not have to carry their packed-lunch and PE kits in a plastic carrier bag like we did, but they can always use them to store small toys, carry dirty football boots home from the match, or use them for collecting leaves and shells for their art projects.

Make sure your carrier bags go in the right Recycling Bin

Most plastic carrier bags are designed to biodegrade, rather than recycle, so they are not widely accepted at recycling plants.  However, most leading supermarket chains offer plastic bag recycling bins, so if in doubt, take them back to where you originally got them.

There a lots of things we can do to reduce, reuse and recycle our carrier bags, and if we do it now, they might just remain free of charge and readily available!

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