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When it comes to giving a gift, presentation is everything.

Consumers are no longer satisfied with the flowery printed wrapping paper and oversized bows favoured in the 1990s, but want a luxury gift bag that looks and feels as good as the contents inside.

As a result, retailers across the country are replacing their single use plastic carrier bags with a range of luxurious and elegant litho printed paper bags, so their gift items are ready to give, straight from the store.

Made from a high quality coated board, litho printed carrier bags feature a reinforced durable base, a choice of handles including rope, ribbon, and dye cut, and a variety of different surface finishes such as matt or gloss lamination, embossed, debossed, and foil blocked, to complement products of every shape and size.

Once you have decided on the style, you can choose to have your bags custom printed to incorporate your brand or business identity, and create a range of luxury gift bags that the recipients will enjoy using over and again.

With so many different combinations to choose from, it is easy to design a collection of luxury gift bags as unique as the products you sell, be it confectionery, lingerie, cosmetics, or items of clothing, and if the bag looks as attractive as the contents inside, your brand will soon gain recognition on the high street.

In addition to high street retailers, global automotive brands, luxury holiday companies, and high-end jewellers are also turning to luxury gift bags to distribute fliers, brochures, and marketing materials at exhibitions, proving that a touch of luxury can go a long way in these times of austerity.

So if it is time to give your brand a boost, design your own range of luxury gift bags, and package your products in style!

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