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When it comes to huge events like the upcoming London 2012 Olympics, sponsors and advertisers go into overdrive and invest millions to make sure their products and/or services gain as much exposure as possible during the 17-day event.

A chance to shine in front of the entire world, sponsors such as Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Omega know how valuable events like these are, and as such, they are happy to invest a large proportion of their marketing budget to get a lion’s share of the media attention – but how does the small London business owner compete?

When it comes to the Olympics, existing copyright and contract laws are automatically overruled by the London Olympic Games and Paralympics Games Act, and the Olympic Symbol Protection Act of 1995, to ensure that only sponsors of the games are permitted to use terms such as ‘Olympics’ and ‘London 2012’.

Something the Games organisers LOCOG are taking it very seriously indeed, those using these ‘marks’ and phrases without permission could end up with a hefty fine, so what can a non-London 2012 sponsor do to show its support of the Olympic Games?

Well, LOCOG are encouraging local businesses to show “spontaneous displays of patriotism, without promoting their business in association with the Games”, and suggest flying a flag or holding an office party – good ideas, but not exactly beneficial to the small business owner.

LOCOG have managed to list several ‘terms and phrases’ as a registered Games ‘Mark’, but one British symbol we are allowed to use is the trusty Union Jack Flag, and as a result, many UK business are showing their support for the Olympics with red, white, and blue printed carrier bags.

A wonderful way to attract the attentions of the estimated 5 million foreign tourists expected to visit London during the months of July and August, a union jack printed carrier bag combined with your company name and/or logo will stand out in the crowd, and may just help you prosper from this auspicious event.

Available in a variety of different materials, shapes, sizes and styles, printed carrier bags not only serve a purpose, but they are great for advertising ones products, and as many tourists will take a union jack carrier bag home as a souvenir –your brand will be highlighted across the world.

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