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You may not have wrapped all your Christmas presents yet, but within a few days all those Christmas cards, wrapping papers, carrier bags and gift boxes will be making their way in to our dustbins, and as such, recycling groups and waste authorities are appealing to the British Public to dispose of their Christmas waste responsibly.

We generate several tonnes of extra waste at this time of year, thanks to Christmas wrapping paper, cans and bottles from Christmas parties, and real Christmas trees, and unless we dispose of it correctly, environmental groups fear it will be cluttering up the countryside until this time next year.

There are several options when it comes to recycling your Christmas cards, and if you do not fancy turning them into next year’s decorations, you can dispose of them through your local kerbside recycling collections, or take them into any Marks & Spencer’s or Sainsbury’s stores.

Both M&S and Sainsbury’s will be distributing Christmas card bins throughout their stores, and a proportion of the money raised through this collection and recycling scheme will go towards charitable causes such as the Woodland Trust and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

When it comes to traditional Christmas wrapping paper, much of it cannot be recycled, and so waste authorities across the country are encouraging consumers to wrap their presents in reusable gift bags instead.  Gift bags made from paper are both recyclable and compostable, and as they are far more convenient than Santa covered wrapping paper, many high street retailers now offer these as part of the purchase.

Real Christmas Trees may look beautiful in your home, but many people do not know what to do with them once the festivities have passed.  If it is small enough, you can dispose of your Christmas in your garden waste bin, alternatively, councils across the country have announced that there will be collection points for Christmas trees in January.

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