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Primary school playgrounds across the United Kingdom are to become a whole lot more fun, thanks to brand new climbing walls made from recycled plastic carrier bags, bottles and film.

The modern design, developed by leading UK manufacturer Beacon Climbing Walls, provides a value-for-money alternative for schools on a tight budget, and due to the freestanding design, they can be mounted just about anywhere within the playground.

Making strides for sustainability, the climbing walls are constructed using Stokbord® panels developed by Centriforce.  Manufactured entirely from recycled plastic waste that would be otherwise destined for the landfill, such as carrier bags and fizzy drinks bottles, the rigid, durable and rot-free base provides the perfect platform for Beacon’s colourful climbing holds, and complements the external layout of the school’s walls.

Due to its versatility and durability, Stokbord has become an established alternative to plywood among a wide range of industries, and this new design is sure to see the popularity of the material grow.

Centriforce Managing Director, Simon Carroll said, “It’s always a pleasant surprise when Stokbord’s versatility finds another new application, it has again been able to prove its worth as a high-performance, value for money plastic panel, whilst at the same time offering a sustainable, low-carbon solution.”

Playground climbing walls have grown in popularity over the years, as schools strive to meet the “outdoor learning” aspirations of the National Curriculum, and as Beacon’s design uses recycled plastic materials, it has the added bonus of being environmentally friendly.

Offering a bespoke specification service, Beacon can manufacture Stokbord® climbing walls to suit the requirements of the individual playground, and so far, three schools (two in Wales and one in London) have benefitted from the recycled design, that puts our unwanted plastic carrier bags to good use.

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