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Whether you own a high street retail outlet, are exhibiting a trade show or conference, or hosting a festive event, one of the best ways to ensure your brand gains maximum exposure is with a range of high quality printed carrier bags.

Available in a variety of different materials, including Kraft paper, polythene plastic, cotton, jute, and woven fabrics, and a whole spectrum of attractive colours, the modern branded carrier bags of today are more an extension of the products inside, rather than simple carrying vessel, and as such, businesses of every shape and size are investing in the best.

Advances in printing techniques and ink colours allow carrier bag manufacturers to print almost any logo or design on the surface of the bag, and when you combine quality materials, with high-definition printing and other options such as embossing, hot foil or spot UV Varnish, the finished product is quite special.

Carrier Bags for the High Street

While many UK shopper’s are turning to the internet to purchase their goods online, reports indicate that others still prefer to head on out to the high street during the festive season. Christmas themed carrier bags remain popular with retailers of every size, and nothing feels more festive than a laminated red paper carrier bag with rope handles.

Carrier bags for Trade Shows and Conferences

The autumn/winter trade show season is already in full swing, and whether you are promoting holiday products, fashion, electrical gadgets or the latest releases from the automotive industry, you can benefit greatly from a range of colourful branded carrier bags to hand out marketing materials and promotional goods.  Cotton carrier bags remain popular with exhibitors due to their strength, durability and lightweight design.

Carrier Bags and Gift Bags for Corporate and Festive Events

Corporate and Festive ‘Goodie Bags’ are a growing trend, as businesses move away from traditional, but rather dated, hamper baskets in favour of something more stylish and modern.  Un-laminated Kraft paper carrier bags with ribbon handles look and feel luxurious, and if you want something extra special, you can print the inside of the bag for added dimension.

Colourful branded carrier bags will help get your business noticed in today’s busy marketplace – so why not order yours today!

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