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Printing and sending out high quality brochures is a great way to introduce your products or services to new clients, but with the unpredictable weather conditions in the UK, and the even more unpredictable postal service, is it wise to rely on a paper envelope?

No matter how professional and expensive a brochure may look, if it arrives with curled edges, blurred text, and pages stuck together, it will not have the desired impact on a prospective client, which is why thousands of British business owners are replacing the traditional paper envelope with waterproof mailing bags.

Suitable for both postal and courier transport services, branded mailing bags are available in a selection of different shapes, sizes, and styles, and those made in biodegradable polythene, not only ensure the contents remain dry and arrive in optimum condition, but they are kinder on the environment.

The ideal packaging solution for those businesses sending out high quality sales and promotional brochures on a regular basis, polythene mailing bags are both water resistant and light in weight, so they protect the contents from water damage without adding bulk or cost to shipping.

When it comes to designing your mailing bags, the possibilities are endless. With three different thicknesses, up to eight different colour choices, and a variety of print methods, you can create mailing bags that look as impressive as the contents they carry, and promote your brand as they transit from one location to another.

Superior quality mailing bags close with a self sealing adhesive strip, which is not only extremely convenient for those packaging the product, but it ensures that the bag remains securely sealed in humid or damp conditions, and prevents the risk of tampering.

So if the time has come to rethink your packaging solution, why not switch to branded mailing bags, and send your brochures in style!

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