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When lightweight plastic carrier bags were introduced to the high street back in the 1960s, retailers quickly realised that they were not only a convenient packaging solution for the consumer, but that they also provided the perfect platform for advertising their business, services or brand.

Popular high street stores such as Woolworths, Marks and Spencer, and Tesco soon started to print their company name across the surface of the bag, and while printing techniques were still developing, anyone over a certain age will remember the bold red lettering of Woolworths, the emerald green of Mark’s, and the distinctive blue and white stripes of Tesco.

Today, carrier bag printing possibilities are endless, and thanks to advances in printing technologies, ink colours and techniques, retailers can add just about any design and/or texture to the surface of their carrier bags, to make their brands highly visible and more accessible than ever before.

Spot UV Printing is one such technique that has a multi-sensory impact.  As the name would suggest, UV varnish (one of the thickest varnishes available), is applied to certain areas of the paper carrier bag to create a design that is not only visually attractive, but one that feels luxurious too.

Favoured by high end brands for their luxury products, Spot UV printing adds dimension to paper carrier bags without being overpowering or brash, and due to the intricate detailing of the process, it can be used to highlight even the most complex logos and designs.

Available in both matt and gloss ranges, Spot UV printing will add a subtle sophistication to the surface of your paper carrier bags, and when combined with silky ribbon handles, and printing on the inside of the bag, your packaging will look just as good as the contents inside.

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