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Robust, recyclable and reusable, Woven and Non-Woven PP Carrier Bags are a great choice for those businesses looking for an eco-friendly packaging solution.

Made by knitting or weaving spun Polypropylene fibres together, woven and non-woven carrier bags are strong but lightweight, and as they are printable with a variety of different techniques, it is possible to create a range of stylish carrier bags as unique as the products you sell.

The main difference between woven and non-woven carrier bags is the technical strength of the fabric.  Woven carrier bags are made from tightly knitted Polypropylene fibres, to create a high quality bag with a wipe-clean surface.  Ideal for items of clothing and heavier objects, woven carrier bags will last several months, if not years, with the minimum amount of maintenance, making them an environmentally friendly alternative to regular plastic bags. Major retailers such as IKEA, prefer this type of shopping bag to any other.

Non-Woven PP Carrier Bags are exceptionally light in weight, and fold conveniently to fit into any size bag or pocket.  Made from long Polypropylene fibres bonded together by heat, mechanical or chemical solvent treatment, they look and feel like a material bag, and can be printed using a variety of different printing techniques.

Cost-effective and convenient, non-woven PP carrier bags are ideal for use at exhibitions, trade shows and promotions events, and as they reusable, your brand will remain under the spotlight for longer.

As with regular plastic and paper carrier bags, woven and non-woven PP bags are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and styles. Woven carrier bags come with numerous different handle options, a gloss or matt finish, and are litho printed to accommodate every design.  Non-woven PP carrier bags are available with long or short handles, come in wide selection of colours, and are screen printed to order.

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