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There are many things to consider when launching a new brand or rebranding a business and the appearance of your packaging is one of the most important.

Packaging is not only your identity in a competitive marketplace, but it can greatly influence the consumer’s decision to purchase your products and services, so it is crucial that the packaging you choose reflects your company ethos.

One only has to look at the recent “value-line” overhauls by supermarket giants such as Tesco, Morrison’s, and Marks & Spencer’s, to see that plain and unattractive packaging cannot compete on the supermarket shelves. Consumers may wish to save on their weekly shop, but products that look ‘cheap’ and unappealing rarely find their way into the shopping trolley.

Therefore, the blue and white stripes synonymous with Tesco’s basic range have been replaced with a more colourful look, and the term ‘basic’ has been replaced with ‘everyday value’ to encourage shoppers to buy the supermarkets own brands in this time of austerity.

Colour plays a huge role when it comes to packaging, so it is important to choose the right dominant colour for your brand. A great example would be Coca Cola, when you think of this popular fizzy beverage the first colour that comes to mind is red, an attention-grabbing and memorable colour that is ideal for this type of product.

Colours are generally categorised as warm or cold. Warm colours such as red, yellow and orange are considered energetic, cheerful and optimistic, while cold colours such as blue are perceived to be trustworthy, calm and more reserved.

Black packaging is bold and powerful, and has a sophisticated flair that suits high-end products, while white packaging is considered natural, pure, and eye-catching in its simplicity.

The next stage is the quality and texture of your packing. Something that feels as good as it looks will inevitably ‘seal the deal’ and persuade the consumer to purchase your brand.

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