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To keep up with the constant changes in market trends, environmental issues, and consumer’s needs, retailers need to be one-step ahead when it comes to the products they sell, and the packaging they use.

With frequent reminders from the government and ‘green’ organisations that we need to become more sustainable, environmentally aware, and reduce the impact our products and/or services have on the planet, retailers are replacing their ‘single use’ carrier bags with the trusty brown paper carrier bag, a trend which is taking the high street by storm.

From fashion chains right through to food outlets, the brown carrier bag is making a huge comeback, and if you are thinking about rebranding your business in order to become more natural and eco-friendly, then the simple, stylish, and affordable brown bag, might be the way to go.

A carrier bag is, in essence, a mobile advertising space where we can promote brand awareness, get our message across, and highlight our services, but if we are carried away with colours and patterns, that message can often get lost amongst the busy design.

A high quality brown paper bag, on the other hand, provides the perfect background for a company logo, slogan, or design, and when combined with professional printing and a well-made handle, your carrier bags will become an active sales tool that looks impressive, feels great, and encourages your customers to use it over and again.

Considered by many to be more environmentally friendly than the plastic alternatives, brown paper carrier bags made from sustainable sources are not only 100% recyclable, but they are strong and durable, and if retailers provide consumers with a bag they can reuse, they will remain in circulation for longer before they finally reach the recycling plant.

If you are thinking about rebranding your business in 2012, why not speak to one of our professionals and find out what the traditional brown paper carrier bag can do for you

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