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Since hitting our supermarket shelves in 1894, Coca-Cola has gone on to become one of the world’s most recognisable brands, and in a move to become more environmentally friendly the soft drinks giant has announced it will replace coke cans and glass bottles in many countries, with biodegradable plastic bags.

The idea for the plastic bags, which replicate the look of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle, originated in El Salvador, Central America, where locals have their bottles of Coke poured into plastic ‘sandwich baggies’ by the retailer so they do not have to pay a deposit on the returnable glass bottle.

As a result, the beverage mega brand lost vital ‘advertising space’, and therefore decided to meet the needs of poorer consumers by creating a modern and fun Coca-Cola bottle-shaped plastic bag.

Billed as a low-cost, environmentally friendly alternative to Coke cans and bottles, the biodegradable plastic bags retain the drink’s fizz, and offer “full customer experience” while Coca-Cola gets to recover its famous branding.
Like many food and beverage giants, Coca Cola has come under pressure in recent years to produce packaging that is both recyclable and eco-friendly, but with the current plastic bag bans, taxes, and levies, the new plastic Coke bags are sure to surprise many critics.

So is the Coca-Cola bag set to reach the US and Europe? Well, the Daily Mail reports that “Coca-Cola said that the plastic bags replicate the look of the classic bottle shape, but they are unlikely to impress aficionados, many who believe the only way to sample the drink is out of a cold glass bottle”, so it doesn’t look promising.

“Bottle or bag, everyone should be able to open happiness” is the new Coca-Cola slogan, and as the plastic bags are cheaper to produce and cheaper to ship than the metal and glass alternatives, they may just catch on!

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