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The Royal Mail estimates it will deliver over a billion letters, parcels and mailing bags over the Christmas period, and one of the biggest gripes from British postal workers, is that we, the public, do not seal our envelopes properly!

A single flapping envelope can slow down the entire sorting system, and if you want to ensure your Christmas cards, letters and gifts arrive on time and in perfect condition, you might want to consider sealing them in a strong and secure CoEx mailing bag.

Made from low density, biodegradable Polythene, CoEx mailing bags are made by fusing two layers of plastic together to create an opaque surface.  These practical bags include a strong self-adhesive strip, that not only keeps the contents of the mailing bag confidential, dry (plastic mailing bags are water-resistant), and in perfect condition from dispatch to delivery, but they also prevent those frustrating jams in the sorting system.

Much like carrier bags and other packaging materials, plastic mailing bags can be printed with company names, logos and contact details, and so they are ideal for internet retailers or those who regularly ship goods across the country/world.

When it comes to closing a plastic mailing bag there are two options available.  Permanent seal CoEx mailing bags are one of the most secure packaging solutions available on the market today, and you literally need to rip the bag open to access the contents.  Those retailers who offer free-returns, may prefer to use re-sealable mailing bags that can be used a second time.

Once they reach the end of their lifecycle, biodegradable mailing bags will begin to degrade under the influence of heat and light at the landfill, making them an environmentally friendly, strong, secure, waterproof and reliable packaging solution that is perfect for retailers, consumers and Royal Mail workers!

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