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With the current weather conditions we can be in no doubt that winter is almost upon us, and if you are one of the many British retailers who need to send out important documents or products during this wet and windy season, it might be time to invest in a range of first class plastic mailing bags and envelopes.

Keeping the contents dry from despatch to delivery is vital if you want your new brochures or freshly signed business contracts to remain intact, but with the unpredictable (and rather wet) British weather, a paper envelope or cardboard sleeve can soon become a soggy and unattractive mess.  Plastic mailing bags, on the other hand, seal securely to keep moisture out, and in the event that they do become wet, they can simply we wiped dry before opening.

Due to the ever-growing internet-shopping sector, plastic mailing bags are now more popular than ever before, and as such, they are now available in a wide range of shapes, styles and designs to complement every type of business.

Advertising on Mailing Bags

Branding your mailing bags is a great way to gain exposure and promote your business as the bags travel from one destination to another.  Plastic mailing bags print exceptionally well, and with a choice of up to eight Pantone colours, the possibilities for design are endless.

Plastic Mailing Bag Sizes / Thickness

Choosing the right size mailing bags for your products will help reduce shipping costs.  Our most popular size remains the 16×21 + 2” bag, but there are both smaller and larger sizes available.  In addition to size variations, plastic mailing bags come in a variety of polythene thicknesses, ranging from 60 micron to 100 micron.

Environmentally Friendly Mailing Bags

If you are concerned about the environmental effects of plastic mailing bags, you will be pleased to know that eco-friendly alternatives are available.  Degradable additives are mixed with the master batch during production, ensure that the mailing bags degrade under the influence of heat and light at the landfill.

The perfect postal solution for winter, plastic mailing bags keep the contents dry from dispatch to delivery.

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