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If you are one of the many high street retailers fighting to get your products and/or services noticed, it may be time to ditch your plain and simple packaging, and create a range of high quality printed carrier bags that present your products in style, and advertise your brand in the process.

When it comes to designing your own range of printed carrier bags the possibilities are endless, but by using the latest materials, printing techniques, and 3D PDF proofs, we can help you create a unique range of carrier bags in just three simple steps.

1. Choose your Carrier Bag Material

Until recent years, retailers had a simple choice to make between plastic and paper carrier bags, but with today’s advances in material technology, there are numerous different options available, including:

  • Laminated & Un-Laminated Paper Carrier Bags with Rope, Ribbon, Twisted or Tape Handles
  • Biodegradable Polythene (plastic) Carrier Bags with Patch, Flexiloop, Duffle or Vest Handles
  • Woven & Non Woven PP Carrier Bags – a robust, recyclable and reusable alternative
  • Jute & Cotton Carrier Bags, also referred to as ‘Bags for Life’

2. Carrier Bag Ink Colours & Artwork Specification

One you have decided on the type of carrier bag you would like to use, the next stage is choosing a colour scheme and finalising your artwork.  We recommend using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, Acrobat or Xpress during the design process.

 3. View Your Paper Carrier Bags in 3D before sending to Print

If you decide on Rope Handle Paper Carrier Bags, we are able to show you how your completed carrier bags will look before sending them to print.  Using the latest 3D PDF Movie technology, we can produce a high quality, flexible proof that can be flipped and rotated for you to see your bags from every angle.

Ordering your new marketing/packaging solution is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and we will deliver your bespoke printed carrier bags directly to your door.

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.