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With the UK luxury goods market currently valued at around £5.8bn, and an estimated 76% of consumers making an impulse purchase based on how the product is displayed, wrapped and packaged, it is easy to see why luxury packaging is an expanding market, and what it can do for a brand.

An entire two-day trade show has been dedicated to the world of luxury packaging, and those looking for new ideas will find the latest designs, materials, and sustainable solutions at the PACKAGING INNOVATIONS Fair London 2012, which will take place at the London Business Design Centre from 4th – 5th October 2012.

To keep up with this rapidly changing sector, the event will highlight the latest buyer trends, high-tech printing techniques, and inspiring designs, and demonstrate the new finishing processes available for luxury carrier bags, designer wine boxes and high quality mailing bags, such as linings, specialist ribbon handles, and new embossing techniques.

As modern brands look for ways to ensure their packaging stands out against that of competitors, luxury carrier bags are becoming an extension of the brand, rather than a simple packaging solution, and as they add untold value to our products and services, they are considered an investment rather than a cost.

In addition to the vast range of luxury packaging products on display, including printed carrier bags, corporate gift bags, and eco-friendly packaging alternatives, the “BIG Packaging Debate” featuring a panel of leading packaging professionals, will discuss the ongoing challenges faced by suppliers and retailers.

Despite difficult economic times, the luxury market is continuing to grow, and with some sectors experiencing an increase in sales of up to 30%, it looks as though the high-end market is one of the best places to maximise return on investment.

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