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If you work within the retail sector you may have heard the term “Packaging Sells” more than once, but a recent survey carried out by Glasgow based design agency ‘Good’ found out just how important luxury packaging really is!

The research asked consumers to choose between various brands of Whisky, and while many confirmed they had no idea what the Scotch might taste like; up to 60 per cent said, they would choose a bottle based purely on the overall packaging.

Despite investing huge amounts of money and effort into refining the taste of the whisky and designing the bottle, traditional whisky brands promoting ‘Celtic Clichés’ were found to be less attractive than those distillers using modern luxury packaging, which had a greater influence on the consumer’s decision to buy.

Many Scotch whisky producers selling premium single malts have already embarked on a design and packaging overhaul, and concede that while the packaging will initially draw consumers to the their product, it is the taste that will inevitably draw them back.

In addition to the ‘Good’ study, an independent research and analysis report by Visiongain indicates that the global food and drink packaging market will reach a value of over $320billion in 2012, and that consumer trends and lifestyle changes that are having the greatest impact on the industry.

Luxury packaging, be it a laminated carrier bag, an embossed box, or a high quality mailing bag, is ultimately, an extension of the product, and by offering the consumer something that looks and feels great, there is a good chance they will return.

As supermarkets revamp their budget ranges with more luxurious packaging, and tobacco manufactures take on the legal system to avoid the upcoming plain packaging legislation, it is clear that even in times of austerity, luxury packaging sells – and every retailer needs some!

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