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With the festive season just weeks away, now is the perfect time to prepare for the busiest shopping frenzy of the year, and update your packaging with a range of luxury un-laminated paper carrier bags.

Replacing the old-fashioned wrapping papers and glittery bows of the past, the high quality rope and ribbon handle paper carrier bags of today are more an extension of the gift, rather than a simple packaging solution, and as a result, more and more retailers are investing in the best.

Suitable for both high-street and internet retailers, luxury un-laminated paper carrier bags bring a touch of class and elegance to the festive season, and when combined with colourful rope or silky ribbon handles, they look almost as good as the contents inside.

When it comes to designing your range of paper carrier bags, the possibilities are endless. Printable with a range of colours and designs, it is easy to create something unique, and if you are looking for paper carrier bags with the ‘wow’ factor, you could go one-step further by printing the inside of the bag.

In addition to print, our un-laminated paper carrier bags can be embossed or debossed to add dimension to the surface of the bag.  Very popular with high-end designer brands, embossing and debossing is understated, yet elegant, and turns a simple paper carrier bag into something very special indeed.

Then there is Foil Blocking, a unique print method that will add a touch of metallic ‘bling’ to the surface of your printed carrier bags.  Shades of gold, silver and bronze are perfect for the festive season, and can help your carrier bags stand out on the high street.

So why not add a touch of luxury to your store this festive season, and wrap your gifts in high quality un-laminated paper carrier bags.

If you would like any more information about our range of Carrier Bags or want to speak with one of our Sales team please call 01234 675101 or fill in the contact form at the top of this page.