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Anyone who loves to shop will understand the importance of a designer paper carrier bag.  Relieving buyer’s remorse and showing those around us that we have just splashed out on something expensive, designer carrier bags give us the ‘feel good factor’ that encourages us to return to the same store time and again.

One only has to look at the carrier bags handed out by Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Tiffany’s to see how much value they can add to a product and a consumers shopping experience, and while such global brands have a marketing/packaging budget that many can only dream of, it is possible to design a range of carrier bags without spending a fortune.

Laminated Designer Paper Carrier Bags

Laminated carrier bags remain popular with young and modern high street retailers such as Rimmel, due to the fashionable appearance and glossy surface.  Available with rope or ribbon handles and in a variety of different shapes, laminated designer carrier bags have the wow factor that appeals to the fashion conscious shopper.

Un-Laminated Designer Carrier Bags

Favoured by traditional retailers, un-laminated paper carrier bags look and feel expensive, and when foil blocked or embossed, they look almost as good as the contents inside.  Hand finished in quality Kraft paper, and printable with a range of colours, un-laminated designer carrier bags complement every type of business.

Designer Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Larger retailers looking for an economical range of designer carrier bags will appreciate the simplicity of the twisted handle paper carrier bag.  Machine made from 100% recycled paper, these high quality bags come with a standard thickness of 100gsm, and with a ribbed or smooth surface.

As one would imagine, paper carrier bags print exceptionally well, so the possibilities for design are endless.  Foil blocking and Spot UV printing will add that extra ‘bling’ and you can even print on the inside of the bag to add extra dimension.

Ultimately, designer paper carrier bags are an extension of your products and brand, so why not shop for yours today!

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